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"Nine to Five"


This painting is an oil on canvas measuring  71 inches high by 41 inches wide with existing custom frame.

This art piece is an oil on canvas painting depicting an old, tired man who has worked all his life, comes home to relax and eat dinner, and afterwards takes his radio in one hand and his newspaper in the other hand  and goes upstairs to perform his daily ritrual in the bathroom, as you see it in the image.  The artist depicts himself in the mirror of the bathroom, reflected from taking the picture with his camera, as if he is taking the man's picture in front of him.  But this reflective idea is actually a comment on not only the general population of our society, but also on the artist.  As if he fears forseeing himself as this old man, tired and worn out after decades of working for someone else, unhappy and only has this daily ritual to look forward to during his typical working week.

This image is part of a series of early art pieces Rousonelos created in the 1970's that he calls his social realism series, specifically, social commentary art pieces, depicting people in our solciety, with sometimes a very direct statement being made about their relationship in our society, their place in our society and their attitude within it.

This piece, "Nine to Five," is perthaps one of Rousonelos largest, most remarkable, major masterpiece paintings.  When he lived in New York City from 1975-1977, he approached Mr. Ivan Karp of O.K. Harris Gallery in SOHO and showed him a slide of this piece.  Mr. Karp's comment on it was, this is "top-notch" realism artwork,  James!  The artist later showed this piece along with a number of other social relaism pieces from that series in a SOHO, New York, art gallery.  

The unique, one-of-a-kind original oil art piece is for sale and it does carry a hefty price to the right serious art collector. It is custom framed in natural wood with gold accents and includes a gold display light on the top part of the frame that highlights the main figure's face and flares out to illuminate the entire painting.

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