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"LA Theresa Espiritu"



This oil on canvas painting measures 37 inches high by 26 inches wide, framed in a solid blonde wood floating frame.


La Theresa was painted from a photograph of an actual model and professional actress who the artist knows, and met at the LA art expo in 1989. Rousonelos was so inspired by Theresa's beauty then, that he arranged to photograph Theresa so he could one day do a painting of this beauty. In 2004-2005 he did just that, fifteen years after he met Theresa and photographed her! Rousonlos had not kept in touch with the now actress, and oddly enough he chose to do a search for her on Facebook, where surprisingly enough, she was there.  Rousonelos and Theresa have since become friends on Facebook!  

As a result of this search, the artist  found out that Theresa lives and works in the Los Angeles area and is an actress in national commercials and in a weekly television serial! This art piece is Rousonelos' signature piece that appears on the front of his double-sided business card.


In this oil painting, the artist utilizes a rare Renaissance glazing techique, called the Technique Mixte. This techniquue reqyuires countless hours of thin oil glazing layers over a finished black and white charcoal drawing of the subject. Very often this technique requires 35-40 layers of thin oil paint glaze to achieve the desired effect, and because of the laborious process, many hours of drying time is required between each layer of paint.  Artists of the Renaissance period, such as Jan Van Eyck, a famous Fl;emish master painter, used this technique to achieve a wide spectrum of subtle tones and highly saturated and diffussed light and color. This particular painting technique often produces a very mysterious visual effect.


LA Theresa is a very unique painting, of a stunning beautiful woman, posed in a very dramatic manner that is displayed and painted in a very "old world" pose and technique. Because of the technique and the model, and Rousonelos' idealistic intent, this art piece also contains a very ethereal, almost spiritual mannerism within it .


This particular painting is a result and culmination of Rousonelos' forty-four year dedication to oil painting in a very realistic, detailed manner and technique.





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